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Inpatient Services

We have 275 IP beds, with ICU services available through MICU (Medical), SICU (Surgical), NICU, PICU, ICCU, CT ICU, Post OP & Burns ICU. The wards are categories with inpatient beds ranging from General, Sharing, Single, Deluxe & Suit.


Inpatient Care

  • Standard multi-function beds including ICCU beds ensuring inpatient comfort.      

  • Landscaped surroundings and impeccable hygiene for a pleasant experience.

Intensive Critical Care Unit

​Spacious dust and bacteria free filtered air, temperature regulated atmosphere, private cabins to prevent cross infection. Critical care area is maintained under supervision of senior critical care special-ist with dedicated and qualified doctors and staff round the clock with state of the art equipment.

Emergency Care

Emergency room is functional round the clock and is manned by experienced Doctors, well trained staff and supported by full time specialists and super specialists at call within the shortest time.

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