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Dr. Kuchela Babu V.

Qualification :


Designation :

Chief in Anesthesiology & Critical Care

Profile details :

With his 34 years of serving in SevenHills Hospital, Dr. V. Kuchela Babu has contributed a lot in Critical Health Care Management. His rich and long-standing experience has yielded a complete artificial life support system such as Ventilator therapy that is a new vista in the Medical Science. Under his direct leadership and
supervision, over 6000 successful Operations/Surgeries are conducted every year in SevenHills Hospital. The SevenHills Dept. of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Headed Dr.V. Kuchela Babu is more than 40 years experienced. He developed first Intensive
Care in Visakhapatnam at SevenHills Hospital and North Andhra with good success rate of Poison, Head Injuries, Multiple Trauma, Heart Attacks, Brain Strokes and Severe Asthma etc.


He is well known PAN India in the members of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care. He served various capacities in The Society of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care. He conducted various State, South and National Conferences. He served as National President for the Indian Society of Anaesthesiology 2018. He brought out good academic activities through Webinars before COVID-19. He started Post Graduate Courses from 2017 for Diplomate of National Board in Anaesthesiology with success rate 100% passed our candidates more than 30 students. He is as teacher of fellowship courses (IDCM) in Critical Care.

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