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Health Check-ups

Good health is the key to a happy and fruitful life; it is also the most neglected asset. Our lifestyle today is ridden with unnecessary stress, irregular working hours,  poor eating habits, late night partying and inadequate rest. All these coupled with high pollution levels result in physical and psychological health problems.

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Wellness Center at SevenHills Hospital

We have an exclusively designed space for Health checkup where all diagnostic Services are available under one roof.

We offer several preventive health check packages to suit specific needs. We do make customized packages for corporate and insurance companies based on individual requirements. The aim of these packages is to promote good health, prevent disease and facilitate early diagnosis and treatment, thereby paving the way to “WELLNESS”.

Health Check Packages:

  • Cancer Screening  (Female)​

  • Cancer Screening  (Male)


  • Diabetes Check- up​​

  • Well Women Screening

  • Child Health Check

  • Thyroid Checkup

  • Heart Checkup

  • Health Check-up  

  • Guidelines for Health Checkups

  • Basic Health Check

  • Master Health Check -Men

  • Master Health Check -Women

  • Executive Health Check - Men

  • Executive Health Check-Women

  • Liver Checkup

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