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 General Medicine

SevenHills Hospital provide comprehensive care in general internal medicine and related specialties. Acute medical care is provided by a medical specialist round the clock and outpatient care is made available for at least 12 hours every day to suit everyone's work commitments.

The Department of General Medicine

The focus of this speciality is on a meticulous and exhaustive consultation and workup with timely and appropriate cross referrals which are then followed up by the primary consultants to ensure continuity of patient care and patient comfort.

Treatment Options At SevenHills Hospital

  • Hypertension                                                    

  • Metabolic disorders like diabetes and thyroid disease

  • Infections including HIV, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases

  • Chronic pain of different causes

  • Joint disorders

  • Nutritional deficiency disorders

Our Doctors

Dr.Sameer Kumar Panda

General Physician

Dr.B.Nageswara Rao copy.jpg
Dr.B.Nageswara Rao

General Physician

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