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SevenHills Hospital takes great pride in offering cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology facilities rivaling the very best that is available in world class aesthetic care currently. Our team consists of some of the finest doctors and surgeons of India, who are experts in skincare and plastic surgery.

Dermatology Services at SevenHills Hospital

Aesthetic Clinic at SevenHills Hospital

Maintenance of beauty has been an important need for men and women since ages. Our external beauty truly mirrors our internal health and this is why we utilize a holistic approach to restore or enhance your appearance.

At SevenHills Hospital, we understand this need and offer a complete range of effective skin, hair, and body shaping solutions, using world-class medically proven technologies backed with years of medical experience of our cosmetic surgery specialists and our cosmetic dermatology specialists and their expertise in understanding your skin type and requirements.

Our team of highly efficient skin specialists include experienced cosmetologists and dermatologists who offer skincare services to patients in a soothing spa-like environment. They specialize in utilizing minimally invasive procedures which help you in recovering quickly with the least degree of discomfort and also with scars that are inconspicuous or hidden.

Through cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) and cosmetic dermatology our skin specialists and surgeons help you in changing the way you see yourself and the way the world sees you thus enhancing your appearance and adding that extra edge of confidence to your personality.

Our Doctors

Dr. Ratan Prasad K

Consultant Clinical, Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatologist

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