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    • Mumtaz Patel
    • Subhadra Shinde
    • I Mr. Hemant G. Mehta, was suffering from 80% stenosis of carotid artery. When my family came to know about this, We were in a state of shock & confused about the treatment & cure for it. But as soon as we came to SevenHills Hospital all out worries came to rest.
      I express my gratitude towards all the doctors of this esteemed institution for commendably delivering their duties.
      Especially Dr. Lavesh Jadhav for perfectly guiding us for all the procedures.
      Also, I am highly obliged by Dr. C. K. Reddy, who has performed this critical and risky surgery of carotid artery stenting on me.
      He has done an excellent, commendable and fantastic job very selfless by making me salute his high human values.
      At present, my health is perfectly good and the problem is completely solved. I am very much impressed and satisfied with the services rendered by the hospital staff i.e. Nurses, Doctors and all at RGJAY wing. They all are very kind and co-operative. The food services provided in the hospital are good and they are very punctual in their timing, hygiene and services.
      I am highly obliged to the hospital for giving me a new life. I pray to God to give you all ability & strength to serve more and more people.

      With Best Regards
      Hemant G. Mehta
    • Dr. Krupal Reddy is like god to me. He saved my life. I was brought to hospital in almost unconscious state. Later on I came to know that I had massive heart attack. Dr. Reddy acted very sympathy and did angioplasty on me and saved my life.

      Now I am back to my work without any disability.

      Thanks a lot to Dr. Krupal Reddy and to SevenHills team.
    • Dr. Mihir Shah is very good doctor. He has supported me when I was mentally disturbed, in the ICU for a month away from my family. Every patient is important to him. He is not only a good doctor but also a good human being. God bless him.
      And a big Thank you to all the ICU doctors who brought me back to life.
      Dr. Nilesh was a very positive, encouraging & a friendly doctor. Dr. Renita’s smile made my day. She was like a friend & comforter to me. She saw to it I was looked after well. She takes good care of all her patients. And not forgetting nurse Rochelle. She is such a sweet girl I ever came across. She was there besides me when I broke down & last hope of living.
      It is very difficult to stay in the ICU for a month. More than physical treatment, one requires mental support, encouragement & comfort. But all the doctor there who made me feel comfortable.
      Thanks to all.
    • Hospital and staff has provided nice hospitality towords the patients and the relatives. Dr. Krupal Reddy sir has given his utmost help to give maximum help towords emotional and financial end.

      Thanks to all of you for support and care.
    • Dear Shivkumar K.

      You and your hospital has reciprocated in such a nice way and your entire team is so friendly and human which never makes me feel that I am in hospital. Not only me now entire Macleods family's favorite hospital is SevenHills. You are one of the major reason of that as people work for organisations are face of organisation which reflects culture of institution. Team of wonderful Drs is another added beauty of your hospital.
    • Dear Dr. Arora

      I would like to thank you and the staff of Seven Hills Hospital for the great care you provided to me. It was even more appreciated given that I am so far away from home.

      While I hope I do not, should I ever need emergency medical care again when I’m in Mumbai, I know where to go.

      Thank you again.

      Best Regards,
      Keith Takasawa
      Vice President, Product Development Mahindra
      North American Technical Center
      1055 W Square Lake Road
      Troy, MI
      (c) +1 734-604-5034
    • I was admitted at SevenHills Hospital for dengue on 26th August 2016. From day one I have been taken good care of by the Nurses. I felt like I was treated by my own family. I was also very happy about a patient care attendant who gave me a sponge bath and also came to talk to me when ever possible to reduce my dengue anxiety. He even noticed the small red spots on my back and reported to the nurse. It was very nice to see so much compassion. Hats off to all of you. I made it a point to take the names of the nursing staff and the PCA to send a personal thank-you message and hope this kind of service does not go unnoticed by your management.

      Mr. Sanjay Punchamukhi

      Miss Neethu Mathew
      Aswathy Vinod
      Jikky Babu
      Tintumol Sebastian
      Neethu C Thomas
      Rani Joseph
      Aswathy PS
      Neenu Sara Jacob Pournima
      Nimisha Mathew
    • Cardiology
    • Dilated Cardiomyopathy
    • Dr. Brajesh Kunwar, who operated on an elderly patient recently, speaks about dilated cardiomyopathy, and how he treated her for the same.
    • I had met with a severe accident where the tire of a bus ran over my toes, crushing them. A part of the sole too got ripped off the foot. I was admitted to SevenHills Hospital where I underwent surgical procedures conducted by Dr. Nilesh Satbhai. My main concerns were to reach full functionality of my foot, which I have. The other was that I didn't want to lose my toes, but unfortunately, I lost 3 of my toes to gangrene. But by the surgeries Dr. Satbhai did, I've gained movement and will be able to walk and run as before. It is a lucky escape for me. The biggest contribution that Dr. Satbhai has made, apart from the surgery, is the way he has managed the expectations. He had given us the right options and consequences at every stage of the surgical procedure. Not being too optimistic or to pessimistic has been the right move for us since we as patients can get on to either side very easily. The hospital has been very good since the time I was admitted; the staff is very friendly; and I was given the required care and treatments.
    • "This patient came to SevenHills from Nashik with a severe internal hemorrhage in the brain.
      He was operated upon with success and discharged after three days. Now completely recovered.
      Doctors in Nashik had given him up as inoperable and destined to pass away."
    • Dear Mr. Neeraj,

      It was indeed great meeting you today. Life always takes you around a long ugly turn initially and brings a bright light at the end. I would have to say my message was well taken and understood and felt really satisfied which really pushed me up to put forward these lines with thanks to you.

      Yes, I can proudly say from 6th Dec 2015 onward till 10th Dec 2015 my wife has been there for delivery and from the very first moment in the labor ward to the final housekeeping staffs who waved their hands and content of love and care. This is a great building up and somewhere a DNA has been laid, which seeds for this care and happiness in a culture.
    • Dear Mr. Jaiswal,

      This is to thank you and the entire team at SevenHills Hospital for the care taken towards my mother during her ICU stay last week.

      She is now back home.

      Mr. Shivkumar Krishnan and his entire team was exceptional in assisting her recovery in every possible way without which her turnaround would have perhaps been difficult.

      I must also bring to your notice that your hospital has an outstanding nursing team in the ICU and HDU. Even in the crisis, the team kept my mother smiling. Do convey my personal gratitude to all of them and to Nurse Anu in particular at the ICU.

      I am copying my not to Dr. Ashok Shetty our official doctor for Leela Hotels and thank him for making SevenHills a preferred hospital for Leela associates.

      Keep for the great work. Kind regards.
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Liposuction and body contouring
    • In April 2015, I had a major Liposuction procedure done by Dr. Nilesh Satbhai in SevenHills Hospital. The results are what I had been hoping for. I look great in clothes again. I am in proportion. I admire the way Dr. Satbhai has sculpted my tummy. It looks much nicer than my expectations. I would also thank Dr. Akanksha Mishra for her support before, during and after the procedure. Dr. Nilesh Satbhai is very professional and made me feel so comfortable on the day of my surgery. They did a great job. I would absolutely recommend him for any plastic surgery procedure!!!
    • Emergency Services
    • Emergency care
    • A teenage son came in the support and donated his liver to father. Doctors at SevenHills Hospital assured him and the surgery was successful. Watch this testimonial of a father-son relationship.
    • Emergency Services
    • Emergency care
    • Mr D'Cunha who met with a life threatening accident on Mumbai-Nashik highway; shares his story of a bus-car crash, the immediate scenes of devastation & death, his journey to the hospital and how he recovered from serious injuries without the need for a surgery at SevenHills Hospital, Mumbai.
    • Asthma
    • Asthma
    • An Asthma patient shares his treatment experience at SevenHills Hospital Mumbai and expresses how did he fight with this life threatening disease.
    • Excellent services. Appreciation : Sister- Astha, Ansi, tonia, Sakshi, Sristhi and Eldho. Dr. V.S.P is a doctor with a magical touch. Dr. Bhuvan is the best asset of this hospital. Great to have doctors like Dr. Mihir Shah and Dr. Kabir who are extremely kind and humble. From the PCA dept Mangal maushi and Pandu mama are very efficient in their work. From the cleaning dept Wazida is very good at her work. A very very big thank you to Dr. Bhuvan for his support and co-operation.

      This was our first experience with sevenhills but honestly the best one. Rohit and Darshana from the GRE dept aer very sweet and helpful.
    • Excellent services.
      Appreciation : Ancy, Rincy, 6th floor and ICU staff. Keep up the excellent work! Thanks a ton. My son was happy thank you once again.
    • Good services.
      Appreciation : Entire LDRP satff & nurses on duty (Room 6180) The entire staff at LDRP are like god sent angels working under the expert advise of specialist like Dr. Panicker, Dr. Mahesh, Dr. Vinita Salvi, Dr. Sangeeta & all their assistant doctors. I could not have bought my child into this world in a place better than 7hills hospital. A big heartfelt Thank you!!
    • Cardiac Care
    • Cardiac Arrest
    • Me & my family want to thank Dr.Ashwini Kumar Mehta and Dr.Uday Nadkarni for taking such good care of our Son, Krishna Yadav (babu).I think my son was very lucky to be admitted in SevenHills Hospital. Because of you only my son got another life. Thank God there are doctors like you.

      You are the best and I will never forget you or what you have done for my family.
    • Orthopaedics & Spine Injury
    • Knee Replacement Surgery
    • I had my Knee Replacement Surgery done at SevenHills Hospital. Now I can sit, squat, climb staircases and walk freely like before. When you will?
    • Cardiac Care
      Bhiwada (Rajasthan)
    • heart blockage Surgery
    • (This is an English Translation of the testimonial)

      My mother came to Mumbai from Bhiwada (Rajasthan) to stay at my brother’s place on 24th January 2011. The same night she experienced extreme chest pain. The next day morning we brought her to SevenHills Hospital where in the month of December 24th 2011 my brother-in-law had undergone bypass surgery. My mother was diagnosed with heart blockage and hence was advised surgery. The surgery was successful. We are very grateful to Dr. Satyaprasad for his cooperation. The staffs of the hospital are also very efficient and cooperative. The hospital is very good and equipped with all latest technology. My mother is 80 years old and by almighty blessings and Dr. Satyaprasad she is blessed with a new life. We were so impressed with the Hospital that all of our relatives got complete body check up done at the Wellness Clinic.

      Our best wishes for the Hospital. May it prosper a lot and give new life to all its patients. - Hastimal (Relative)
    • The staff are excellent. We enjoyed the food and the doctors team were great. We really felt at home during our stay here. The nurses staff..they were really helpful in each and every call that we made. We really enjoyed everyone's company here. Only one thing that has to improve is the housekeeing.

      - Thank you all
    • Neurosciences
    • Neurosurgery
    • I thank Dr Kishor Chaudhari and his team along with all doctors and staff of SevenHills Hospital for whom today my son is hale and hearty. I specially thank Dr. Kishor Chaudhari for their constant support and proper guidance because of which my son is alive today and sitting by my side.
    • - Best wishes SevenHills Hospital!!!!

      We are very happy pleased to come here and see our son hale and hearty again. We were referred to SevenHills Hospital from Nagpur by Dr. Mahorkar.
    • Obstetrics & Gynecology
    • Gynecology
    • (This is an English Translation of the testimonial)

      Baby Boy- Reborn at 15 days of life
      From the time we arrived in the hospital we are happy with all the facilities. The initial minor issues related to stay was handled very efficiently as we understand.
    • (This is an English Translation of the testimonial)

      Best wishes to all at SevenHills Hospital.

      When we came here Subaassh Saawaant, Chief Perfusionist, explained us in details about the actual condition of our son and was very cooperative in answering all our queries and taking away the fear we felt. We were very happy with the care and concern shown by the entire medical team and SevenHills staff. Our best wishes for Dr. Shiv Prakash, Dr. Ashish and Subaassh Saawaant.

      We would also like to thank SevenHills Hospital management for giving us a lifetime opportunity to meet the President of India-Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil.

      Warm Regards,
      Atul & Trupti Bhuyar (Parents)
    • (This is an English Translation of the testimonial)

      SevenHills hospital is a very famous hospital. The patient is treated like a king...all services are provided promptly and with lot of care. We are very grateful to the doctor and his colleagues for guiding us in very cooperative manner. I am grateful to SevenHills foundation for providing monetary help by arranging donation for treatment of my son and saving his life. May god bless the hospital!
    • (This is an English Translation of the testimonial)

      I liked the services and facilities of the hospital a lot. I am grateful to all doctors for saving my daughters life.