As per GOI's circular on price-capping of stents by NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority), new price of coronary stents have been implemented effective 14th Feb, 2017. For details on stent pricing, across our hospitals. CLICK HERE
    • All staff have been excellent and I have no complaints. Physiotherapists were great and a credit to your team, all staff are very friendly & helpful.
    • This hospital is very clean & hygenic. Dr. Vinay Kumar Thapar is an excellent surgeon, he explained me the details of the surgery I was to undergo. Over all a very, very good hospital. Thanks to all the staff.
    • Dr. Vinita Salvi, Dr. Nadkarni, Dr. Panikar & Dr. who had administered Anaesthesia, you all are great human being. Other than being a doctor, I feel obliged & fully satisfied with all the services.

      Mrs. Vrushali who is a floor manager is caring & excellent. All the nursing staff are best in their job & outstanding. Never had seen this type of excellent services. This hospital is wonderful & the staff are so caring, polite & co-operative. My best wishes to all.
    • Services are good & satisfactory. Staff are good. The hospital has maintained a good hygiene.
    • Dr. Hemlata, hats off to her she is just superb & very hard working. All staff were very kind, helpful & cheerful. Really appreciated whatever asked for the patient, arrived soon. Very clean hospital. When calle attented immediately. Staff are good.

      On whole, excellent experience & amazing care taken.
    • Dr. Shiva Prakash is an amazing person to deal with. He is very down to earth & polite & knows his job very well. I felt that my 1 year old was in safe hands the day I met him for my son's first visit.Doctor is very polite & has done an excellent job, we are satisfied.

      Nursing staff are quite, patient & ready to help. Staff are polite & helpful.
    • Doctors are excellent, they kept us informed & updated. They are humble & very assuring. Nursing care are courteous, humble and quick. Very caring. Service is great. Hygiene is one of the best in the industry. Staff are generally very good & helpful.

      Overall it was an excellent experience. Great service & cheerful staff.
    • We were refferd to SevenHills Hospital by Dr. Bharat Dalvi. After meeting with Dr. Shiv Prakash, we realized that our son is in safest hands. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Dr. Bharat Dalvi, Dr. Shiv Prakash and his entire team. Doctors are excellent with lot of care!

      We are happy with the care & concern shown by nursing staff. Cleanliness & Hygiene is very good. The entire staff are excellent. Thank you all !!!
    • We had a good experience with the treatment and advice from doctor & staff has a whole. We would like to recommend others to avail this good care & consultation from SevenHills Hospital.

      - Sumeesh C. K (Husband).
    • Dr. Dilip Kumar was good & conviencing. Nursing staff were quite friendly & caring. Cleanliness & Hygience was managed very well. Well organised & well maintained. All staff were friendly & gave quick response. The hospital is very clean & nicely organised. We are very satisfied with the services provided.
    • Doctor's are excellent. All staff members are quite, friendly & helpful. LDRP department staff members are very helpful, caring & efficient. Many many thanks to Dr. K. K. Panikar for his support.

      Overall I have a great experience at SevenHills Hospital.
    • One of the most professional & excellent operation done. Nursing staff are most friendly & ready to services anytime. Cleanliness & Hygiene is very good. All the staff are the most friendly staff we have ever witness. All the doctors including Physio & Support staff ismost caring & co-operative.
    • We would like to thank the customer care executive. Would like to thank the nursing staff who showed two options of rooms to my relative to get me changed to comfortable room. Room was changed within an hour of placing requests.

      Nursing staff is excellent & attends to our needs immediately. Cleanliness & Hygience is good. All staff are very good, lot of warmth & humble.
    • Nursing staff were caring & gave a homely atmosphere. Dr. Prachi & Chandini helped us a lot for diet food. Cleanliness & Hygiene was good. Staff were excellent & corporating. Never got a chance to complain.

      Our experience at SevenHills Hospital was amazing & caring. Our best wishes to an excellent hospital.

      - Yagna Hirjee (Relative).