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  • The Procedure

    There are three different types of lip lift surgery. The most commonly used lip lifting technique is known as the ‘bullhorn lip lift’. The bullhorn technique is where the surgeon makes a small incision underneath the nose, in the natural crease and stretches the sagging, elasticized skin back up under the nose. The surgeon then sutures the skin in place, and removes the excess skin. This technique leaves the lips with extremely soft, youthful and rejuvenated top lip. In addition to removing the skin, some surgeons tend to remove a small piece of muscle, which is found directly underneath the skin. The second technique, which can be used when performing a lip lift surgery, is known as the ‘Gullwing lip lift’. This technique is also known, as the ‘Vermillion Lift’ The Vermillion boarder is the small line, which separates the skin on the face to the skin on the top lip. It falls just under the philtrum, which is the small parallelogram, which can be found above your top lip. The vermillion border for females is used as a guideline for applying lipstick and lip liner.

    The surgeon begins this procedure by making an incision along the vermillion boarder. The lip is then pulled upwards and the excess skin is removed. The skin is held in place using surgical sutures. This also creates a much smaller area between your nose and your lips, which makes the face much more balanced.

    The final technique that can be used when performing a lip lift is the ‘corner lip lift’. This is a specialized technique for the individuals who not only have a top lip that has drooped, but also find that the corners of their lips have dropped too, causing their facial expression to appear unhappy. The surgeon begins by making an incision along the outer most part of the lips. The incision is inconspicuous as it is made in a natural fold of the skin. The skin is then lifted either side of the mouth and this creates a less drooping appearance.

    If you are not sure which one of the three techniques you require, your surgeon will go through all your wants, needs and goals you wish to achieve from the surgery.