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  • The Procedure

    Performed under local and/or general anesthetic this procedure takes about an hour for completion and about two weeks for full recovery.

    An incision in the length of your lip inside your mouth is made for removing a strip of skin or tissue from one or both lips. Your Cosmetic surgeon will aim to enhance the mouth and lips area to complement your facial features while maintaining a natural look. Dissolvable sutures may be used. Simultaneously, the curves around the lips can be slightly modified or absolutely preserved affecting only the volume of your lips, depending upon what you’d prefer.

  • The Recovery

    This surgery is obviously for those with large lips and good health without any serious allergies that may make even minor surgeries a bad idea. The results can be seen immediately although due to the swelling, your lips may look larger temporarily. Remember that swelling and bruising is perfectly normal after surgery which will clear up after a few days.

    Further dos and don’ts will be advised by our post-op care team of doctors. Your recovery will depend on your bodily ability to heal and on how well are you following your doctor’s advice.

    Final results from the lip reduction surgery are visible in about three months though normal routine can be resumed after a few days.