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  • The Procedure

    Aesthetic cheek surgery can be performed alone, or in combination with other surgical procedures. Multiple shapes and sizes of implants are available to fit your particular anatomy and desired change. Depending on the areas that are being addressed, the implants can be placed through the mouth with a small incision at the gum line, or through a lower eyelid incision if eyelid rejuvenation is being performed at the same time. Depending on the approach and your surgeon’s preference, the cheek implants can be made of solid silicone or other non-reactive materials. Surgically, a pocket is made for the implant directly over the cheek bone, and the implant placed. The implant is secured either by designing a well fitting pocket, or affixing it to soft tissue or bone. The incision is closed, completing the cheek augmentation. Usually the whole operation takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete, unless other procedures are being performed in addition to the cheek augmentation.

  • The Recovery

    The usual recovery after aesthetic cheek surgery depends on the type of surgical approach utilized and if other procedures are performed at the same time. In general, from a cheek augmentation alone, you should be active the day of surgery, but your upper lip will be “asleep” similar to a visit to the dentist. This sensation returns overnight, and the cheeks will feel mildly sore and swollen. Prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medicines may be provided, and you should maintain light activities. Keeping your head elevated helps the swelling resolve sooner. If your cheek augmentation was performed through the mouth, you will be restricted to a soft diet for a few days until the gums have healed. You will rinse your mouth after eating to keep the sutures clean, and these will dissolve on their own after several weeks. If the eyelid approach was utilized, your surgeon will instruct you on how to rest your eyes, and utilize lubricants to prevent dryness during the post-surgery swelling phase. During follow-up visits, skin sutures will be removed.

  • Approximate Cost

    Rs. 1,22,000 + Cost of Implants.