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If you then augment the buttock with fat taken from the love handles area, the results can be spectacular.
  • The Procedure

    First the patient undergoes liposuction. Liposuctioning of the hips, the area below the buttocks, and the lower portion of the back are an essential part of the operation. Other areas may be liposuctioned as well, adding to the pool of fat that can be grafted back into the buttocks.

    Liposuctioning the lower back, hips and the area below the buttocks reduces these areas, thus helping to accentuate the buttocks. Placing the liposuctioned fat into the buttocks increases the size of the buttocks, accentuating the definition of the buttocks even more. The combination of the two leads to the most fullness possible with this technique.

  • The Recovery

    The recovery is moderate. The buttocks will be tender and the areas where the liposuction was performed will also be tender. Pain medications control this tenderness. Unlike the recovery for liposuction, you cannot sit on your buttocks for 10 days to two weeks after the procedure. This time is needed in order for the transferred fat to obtain a blood supply and start to live and grow in its new environment. Sitting on your buttocks will keep the blood supply from getting to the new fat cells. They will not survive and you will lose your correction. A compression garment will still be worn just like after liposuction.