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Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty – Case by Dr. Aditya Kadavkolan

Mumbai,14th June, 2016: Dr. Aditya Kadavkolan (Consultant Orthopedics), specialist in shoulder surgery, sports medicine and arthroscopy, has continued SevenHills Hospital’s tradition of innovation and excellence, and employing and critically evaluating new technologies and surgical techniques that offer the potential for improved recovery and better long-term outcomes after joint replacement surgery.

Patients with arthritis of the shoulder generally suffer from pain in the shoulder and face difficulty in movement. The shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint consisting of the arm bone, the ball, and the shoulder blade (the socket and the roof).

The movement of the shoulder is caused by a number of muscles that surround the shoulder which are called ‘Rotator Cuff’. Essentially, arthritis is a process of wear and tear of the lining cartilage of joints. In elderly people, there are two varieties of arthritis, one with an intact rotator cuff muscles around the shoulder and the other without the rotator cuff. Management of such complex problems should be done by dedicated shoulder surgeons for good outcome.

In patients with uncomplicated shoulder arthritis, an anatomical shoulder replacement in which the relation of the ball and socket is preserved yields excellent results. However, in patients with more complicated or post injury arthritis, the results of an anatomical shoulder replacement are poor.

With advances in technology, we have been able to manage shoulder arthritis with a muscle tear or after injury, with a new prosthesis, which is called the Reverse Shoulder Replacement.

It is called so because the normal relationship of the ball and socket in the shoulder is altered to achieve a good outcome. In Mumbai, this complex procedure is done in only a few centres, and Dr. Aditya - in SevenHills Hospital - is one amongst the small numbers of shoulder surgeons in India performing this procedure.

An international patient (African lady aged 35 years) had an injury to her left shoulder 1.5 years back which was unsuccessfully managed at a local hospital. She had a dislocation (popped out) shoulder which was unfortunately not put back for 1.5 years. She had pain and difficulty in shoulder motion which was not more than ten degrees.

After consultation, she underwent the reverse shoulder arthroplasty for her problem. After an extremely complicated procedure - in which both the ball and socket of the shoulder were changed - she started recovering from her condition. As discussed before, the relation between the ball and socket of the shoulder is inverted in this form of shoulder replacement. This surgery ensures speedy recovery. Currently, she is quite comfortable after the surgery and is undergoing physiotherapy with gusto. She should recover her lost motion in the shoulder soon.