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Is Gangrene Preventable?

Mumbai, 22nd March, 2016: Sudden blockages can happen in any of the pipes (arteries) of body. Most of the patients have very poor outcomes if not treated well on time resulting in gangrene and loss of limb. If the blockage is in vessels supplying the heart or brain, we get a heart attack (myocardial infarction) or stroke (paralysis). Heart attack and stroke are a well-know entity in medical field and general society and their treatments are also well-known with fairly good success. In both these conditions, re-establishing the blood supply is the most important part of treatment which is done either by injections or interventions (angioplasty).

However, sometimes the blockages can happen in pipes (arteries) other than the heart and brain. Recently, Dr. Brajesh Kumar Kunwar treated two patients with sudden blockages in left brachial artery (pipes supplying left hand) and anterior tibial, posterior tibial and peroneal artery (pipes supplying right leg).

Gangrene Preventable

Both these patients were admitted in emergency with severe pain, numbness, swelling, pulselessness and loss of power in Emergency. Any delay in the treatment might have resulted in gangrene followed by loss of that limb.

The first patient responded with special clot lysing (breaking) medication which was given for 24 hours continuous injection. Patient improvement was evident within the 1st hour of treatment itself.

Second patient, had more organized (hard) clot which could not be treated with medications, hence below knee angioplasty was planned by Dr. Brajesh Kunwar and blockages were cleaned.

Both the patients with the same disease were treated with two different but appropriate techniques depending upon clinical situation, their condition improved dramatically and they were discharged in 2 days.

With the advancement in technique, awareness in society and medical fraternity, many of the patients of sudden blockages of arteries can be treated successfully with minimum risk.