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Coil Closure…. New Innovation Replacing Complicated Surgeries

Mumbai, 26th April, 2016: It is not unknown that cardiologists open the blocked pipes (arteries). However, sometimes it becomes necessary to close a pipe (artery) which is causing life threatening problems or other health issues to patients.

Recently, Dr. Brajesh Kumar Kunwar treated two patients in SevenHills Hospital where it was necessary to close these pipes (arteries).

One of these patients was admitted in emergency with a history of coughing out large amount of blood from lungs. The cancer detected in him was untreatable as it was in a very advanced stage. In spite of all medical efforts, he continued to have large amount of blood in each bout of cough. His was a known case of advance inoperable lung cancer. His hemoglobin dropped to 6.6gm/dl and he was getting very sick. In view of his very poor general condition, there was no role for surgical intervention. In the past when interventional treatment were not very well developed, these patients used to be treated with major surgery in which a part of lung used to be removed surgically (Lobectomy). This used to be a high risk surgery especially in patients who were already sick. Many patients succumbed during surgery or immediately post operatively.

Dr. Brajesh treated this patient percutaneously (without surgery, using needle) without any risk. The part of bleeding lung was identified using X-ray and CT scan and blood supply to that part was blocked using specially designed coils (known as Bronchial Artery Coil Embolisation). Patient was immediately relieved of his complaints and there was no complications. The procedure did not require any anesthesia or major surgical intervention.

Picture depicting coil embolisation of artery

Second patient was a young boy of 17 years who came to SevenHills Hospital with large painful swelling in right axilla. The swelling was cosmetically also giving trouble to the patient due to its size and bluish discoloration. Patient was initially referred to vascular surgeon. The patient was diagnosed to have AVM (Arterio-Venous Malformation), a condition arising from abnormal complex connections between different types of pipes in the body. Surgery in this patient was difficult in view of inter and intramuscular plane of AV malformation leading to high chances of bleeding, infection, and recurrences.

Patient angiogram was done followed by coil closure of AVM. The whole procedure was done by Dr. Brajesh Kumar Kunwar within 15 minutes, without complications, and patient was discharged the next day. The swelling completely disappeared and patient was completely free of all his symptoms.

With an advancement in technique and awareness in society and medical fraternity, many of the patients requiring major surgeries in past are now treated easily with procedures like coil closure (Embolisation).

Most important in these procedures is the need for technical expertise and good knowledge of recent advancement in interventional Cardiology.