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37-years-old Kisses Death and Returns

Mumbai, 5th July, 2016: Doctors at SevenHills Hospital in Andheri recently brought 37-yrs-old back to life when the city’s top hospitals had lost hope on her.

Jyotsna Parmar, a 37 years old lady, suffering from epilepsy – a disorder wherein the nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, thereby causing seizures/fits – was victimized to face 2-3 episodes of fits daily for a decade.

In 2010, she was admitted to KEM Hospital and was diagnosed with right temporal lobe AV malformation and was advised to undergo a surgery for the same. AVM is a condition in which an abnormal cluster or tangle of arteries and veins is present inside the brain. The risks involved with this surgery are very high. Considering this, the family was reluctant to go ahead with the surgery and chose to head with the natural course of the disease instead.

But recently in May 2016, her condition worsened and the situation got critical. She suffered from massive brain hemorrhage due to rupture of this AVM. After examining the complexity of the case, few hospitals stepped back from doing the surgery. She was then admitted to SevenHills Hospital where she was in coma for 15-20 days, and was later evaluated with Angiography of the brain. Dr. Khursheed Ansari, Neurosurgeon at SevenHills Hospital, and his team, found around 4cm of such AVM in the right temporal lobe of the patient.

She was advised a surgery with the chances of survival lower and the level of risk factor higher than before. But in spite of the huge risk factor involved, this time they agreed to go ahead with the surgery. The surgical process to remove this AV malformation from the brain took about 7-8 hours to be successfully completed.

“The patient is now fine and has not developed any further episodes of seizure”, said the doctor.