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Planning Your Medical Tourism In India

If you are traveling outside your country for medical reasons for the first time, here are certain pointers to help you plan your journey better.

      • Seek advice from your local doctor if you’re fit to travel to another country with your medical condition.
      • Once you decide to continue your treatment in SevenHills Hospital, keep your local doctor informed so that you can continue your follow-up treatment without a hitch.
      • Find out about the procedure and treatment options and inquire about follow-up care that will be needed, time needed for recovery, physical therapy, etc.
      • Please note that in most cases the final decisions on your treatment will be made only after the doctor meets you and examines you in person.
      • A pickup and drop service from and to the airport is provided by SevenHills Hospital, if requested.

Ensure that these documents are always with you. Be sure to carry multiple copies of the same and keep the originals in a safe place when travelling and staying abroad.

      • Records like health histories, MRI's, immunization records, photographs, prescriptions, X-Rays, and any other health records relevant to the surgery. Remember to carry all these medical reports and any medicines in your carry-on luggage.
      • Passport and visa: You will need a passport for yourself and your travel companion (if any). Depending upon the country you are traveling from, you may or may not need a visa. For patients getting treated, a medical visa is a must, unless it is an emergency for a travelling tourist.
      • Credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks: Bring some local currency, traveler’s checks and one or two major credit cards and/or debit cards.
      • Carry your driver's license and make sure it is valid while you're traveling.
      • Always keep in mind that you will require a ‘Fit to fly’ certificate from your port of origin.
      • It is essential that the patient and his/her relative carry multiple copies of their passport-sized photographs as it will be required to complete various legal formalities.

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