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Case Study – Successful Surgery of Pulseless Man to Pulse"Ful" Man

Pulseless man to Pulseful man :

The dramatic operation performed at SevenHills Hospital, Mumbai, gave a new lease of life to Mr. Umar Khatri (real name), aged 54 years, who had been struggling with pains and aches in one arm, then the second arm, which slowly involved his both legs as well as leading to a severe crippling disability. He could not walk, could not see at times with intermittent blackouts and this disabled him severely.

To make matters worse, he started having chest pain on walking and had a heart attack as well. Doctors in his home-town could do little but to ask him to go to a higher centre. Limited attempts were made for an operative procedure at his home state of Gujarat, which failed.

All this happened due to his habit of incessant smoking from last 40 years when he started smoking bidi, approximately 25 packs, from the age of 15. His arteries started getting clogged as a result of this, and he was made to lead a very restricted life, until he showed up at SevenHills Hospital where a team of doctors lead by Dr. Sanjay Rajdev, investigated and performed the challenging interventional procedure.

His investigations showed that he had choked his innominate artery, left common carotid artery to more than 90%, while his left sub-clavian artery was choked 100%. This practically leads to no blood supply to his both upper extremities and to his brain, which was the cause of symptoms. In addition, he had clogged both his leg arteries: left with 100%, right to more than 90%, which led to practically no pulse anywhere palpable on clinical examination. He had blocks in his heart arteries as well and to some extent, his kidney arteries were also involved.

The operation involved a two stage procedure. In the first stage, all his neck, brain and upper extremity arteries were treated by a complex angioplasty procedure which involved implantation of 3 stents, which restored the circulation to his brain and arms. The right innominate artery, left common carotid artery and left subclavian artery underwent successful angioplasty and stenting. In the same sitting, he underwent angioplasty and stenting procedure on his right leg, which led to the restoration of blood supply to his right leg as well.

The second stage, performed after one month, involved reconstruction of his left leg by angioplasty and placement of another stent. In the same sitting, he underwent a heart angioplasty and stenting as well.

Two months later, Mr. Khatri was fine and back to his native place, working and leading a much better life. By following a systematic approach, the doctors at SevenHills Hospital made such a complex procedure look simple.