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    • Dear Sir,

      I have immense pleasure in appending my beautiful experience as a patient at your esteemed institution under the care of an young and charismatic specialist Dr. Sandeep Wasnik. The utmost care I have received from his hand enabled me to refer many more patients to your hospital for treatment. I thought it is important to pen it down to express my appreciation and gratitude.

      I am ex-service man served in armed forces and had privilege to participate in two wars in 1965 and 1971 respectively. From my school days onwards, I was a crazy player of basket ball and food ball and continued the same during my glorious service career. Being a player of basket ball and food ball for about 20 years, with the damages caused due to falls at court, lately I was suffering from severe knee pain and Ortho specialists have recommended for knee replacement. I was looking for a dependable Joint Replacement Surgeon and met Dr. Sandeep Wasnik a specialist of joint replacement and Trauma Surgeon. With my first visit with x-rays, this young doctor in his mid thirties with articulate words have convinced me that I have come to the correct doctor at the correct time. When I learned that he is an MS from prestigious King Edward Memorial Medical College of Mumbai with specialization in knee replacement surgery with a fellowship from Germany, I decided to go under his care.

      Dr. Sandeep Wasnik completed my both knee surgeries in an exceptional manner. His supporting nature during my hospitalization was of immense help. Despite his busy schedule of surgery and OPD, he finds time to visit the operated patients at least 4 to 5 times in a day cheering and encouraging them. He has an eagle eye in diagnosing the problem of his patient and does a meticulous and professional service with a smile. It was a beautiful experience to avail this major operation and fast recovery under his able care and guidance. His personal attachment with the ailing patient, his devotion to his duty as a doctor and commitment to his profession adhering best medical ethics is commendable and praise worthy. I wish this young and efficient doctor very successful voyage in his long lasting profession which he will walk many more miles bringing cheer and happiness to many more patients with his smiley face emotions which is quite envious. Specialists of this cadre will be an asset to Seven Hills Hospital for years to come.

      Thanking you,
      Jose K. Thomas
    • Here is Annonciatta Mukabaranga patient from "King Faisal Hospital" (Rwanda) and spend 2 months here in SevenHills Hospital for treatment.

      I thankful medical team of SevenHills Hospital.

      In Particular:-
      1) The 1st one is My doctor Hari Mohan Agrawal. He made a lot of efforts for my treatment.
      2) I can't forget how many efforts made by Dr. Chandni every morning and evening she came in my room to see how was my health status.
      3) All nurses for Block 6; they gave me healthcare
      4) All cleaners there was very polite with me.
      5) I can't forget madam Swapna who helped me in different issues:-
          - Social
          - Administration (Ticket, visa, etc....)
      With her as an International Patient I appreiciate her.

      Thank you again for everything you done for me

      May God Bless you all
      Annonciatta Mukabaranga
    • Dear Dr. Mihir Shah,
      I would like to thank you, with the deepest gratitude for you excellent care of me during my illness with dengue fever. I feel truly overwhelmed by your kindness.
      I have never previously been ill! It was so hard for me to fall ill in a foreign country, over Christmas far away from my immediate family.
      I actually felt like I was going to die on Christmas Day! My experience in the first hospital, I was admitted to was so stressful.
      I am so relieved and thankful that my insurance company shifted me under your care instead. You are a very competent and compassionate doctor and I feel privileged to have been a patient of yours. Hundreds of people back in the U.K. have been praying for my recovery. They are all very grateful to you for taking good care of me. The NHS will be grateful to you for saving one of its GPs (We are in very short supply!).
      The sisters of the Gospel of Life and the Archdiocese of Glasgow are very grateful to you for saving their postulant. I have had quite an experience being the patient rather than the doctor. I hope that all of my experiences over the past week will make me a better doctor. Thanks for being inspiring, may God always bless you!
      Yours sincerely,
      Dr Jess Almeida
      Sisters of the Gospel of Life, 106 Dixon Avenue, Glasgow,
      642 8EL
    • Dear sir,
      I, Phina Umutesi, a Rwandan national, would like to express my most sincere thanks and deep appreciation for all the love, affection and tender care received by me during the past two months by the entire management and staff of your world class hospital.
      From the time I entered, for the first time, your super speciality hospital right upto this point of time when I am ready to say "good bye". I have felt so much at home and so cared for.
      Your Onco surgeon, Dr. Nagendra, put me alteat right at the beginning and performed surgery on me, to my entire satisfaction.
      Dr. Indo, who was incharge of my chemo therapy has ensured that this was performed with the least discomfort. They were both available to me at any time of night or day should I have needed their professional guidance.
      The entire team of nurses, under the able guidance of Mrs. Ajitha Pawar, Nursing superintendent and Mrs. Megha her deputy along with their entire team were always there to attend to me whether as an in house patient or even in day care during chemo. The quailty of healthcare service at the Sevenhills Hospital was always of the highest order.
      I must make special mention of Ms. Swapna and Ms. Archana Bhalla, who facilitated my arrival here in Mumbai and who were also always available to me and those who were attending to me. The information technology system which are in peace at your hospital made it so easy to even monitor the result of any test undertaken.
      In conclusion, let me once again thank the entire hospital managemnt for a wonderful experience, I have heard of "service with a smile".
      It is often said "People make the difference". For sure, the people at Sevenhills Hospital made all the difference and I leave this country with very pleasant memories of my successful treatment at Sevenhills Hopsital. My prayers and good wishes go out to one and all at your hopsital!
    • Services and doctors are excellent we will recommend after people in to come here.
    • I like the hospital very much, the staff is very good. They always corporate with us, they give nice services to my patient. I will recommend other patient to come here and take treatment in sevenHills Hospital. Doctors are very good. Special thanks to Swapna for helping us lot. Thank you Greeastim and Rajesh also. Thank you Dr. J. B. Agrawal for treat me very nice.
    • I came in this SevenHills Hospital because I had problems with both my knees, it was so bad that I hardly walk, so the doctor said that they have to change my knees, which I do accept. By the grace of God the surgery was very successful. So with what I have experience they really know how to do it for that I can recommend those who had the same problem. The services are very good and they are caring, especially doctor Sandeep Wasnik, Mr. Rajesh, Madam Swapna Thakur. Thanks for all you done for me. God bless you all.
    • The services in SevenHills Hospital are very good. I recommend another patient in Oman to come to this hospital. Everything in hospital is good. I recommend to content with patient by phone or mail after we go to our country.
    • We have found the doctors, nursing, staff and support personnel to be extermely skilled and caring in our daly contact with all concerned.
    • The care and the service of the doctor in the hospital was excellent.
    • We liked fast response of suggestion and good cordination (Rajesh). The staff, nurses and doctors are helpful.
    • In general the hospital is good and the staff are so helpful. Again in general service by the hospital is very good and I personally recommend for anyone who need medical assistance.
    • I like the hospital verymuch. Doctor was explain nicely everything.
    • It was a good ambience provided with equally better treatment by my doctor Avnish Arora. From the previous Urologist i have found Dr. Arora well versed with Diagnosis and the steps to collect the issues found. During my five day stay at the SevenHills Hospital i got ever smiling faces to meet and greet (including post stay follow ups) from Ms. Swapna, Ms. Archana, the nurses involved in my treatment. I would very much recommend SevenHills Hospital for a very homely experience and all assistance for a smooth process of better and faster recovery.
    • My general experience about SevenHills Hospital was amazing, considering the fact that i came alone from Tanzania. Every member of staff from reception, admission, nurses, doctors, catering and other departments i met were excellent. Thank you for looking after me. The hospital is well organized and treats patients with dignity and respect. The staff is warm and caring (despite their language barrier in communication). It counts so much when you are worried and not well. I would recommend this to all those in need of treatment.
    • My name is Luciana James Mbuya from Tanzana (East Africa). I have been suffering from Lower Back and Lower Limb pains for several years due to disc prolapse. Despite treatments and physiotherapy sessions my condition, never improved. I was then referred to SevenHills Hospital for further treatment. I was attended by Dr. Harleen Luther who, reexamined my condition to confirm the problem. Together with a team of professional medical staff he performed a surgery to remove nerve compression successfully. I was relieved of the lower back and lower limb pains. In addition, following other tests they found out that the pain in my hip joint is a separate issue not related to the Disc prolapse. I am non being treated and it has been very helpful to be aware of the problem. As an International patient my experience at SevenHills Hospital is quite positive since they have the best doctors, friendly staff and the best facilities.
    • During our stay in hospital, we find good and excellent treatment from all the employees. They really helpful in all areas of the treatment. Thanks to everyone at SevenHills Hospital.
    • SevenHills hospital provided me with excellent and prompt service. The nurses are very attentive and there are always enough meals and service for the patients. I would recommend this hospital to any foreigners staying in Mumbai.
    • Swapna really assisted in co-ordination of both wellness and admission for further treatment. She actually assisted in locating doctor and her command in English is good. All doctors communicate to us well in English. The room service is good and food is okay. I will not hesitate to recommend the hospital to another person.
    • The hospital is first class more like a Five star hotel. To be ill in here would be like heaven. I don't think I would ever want to be in another hospital after this one anywhere else would be very second class I have not stayed in hotels as wonderful as this. Ever come to Mumbai and taken ill SevenHills hospital is the place to be.
    • I am from England and I was treated in SevenHills and I feel the staff and the treatment was very good. If I ever speak to any one I will definitely recommended SevenHills hospital. Because I feel the staff was very helpful and trustworthy and the doctor was very helpful and well spoken in English and other languages and I was very happy with the treatment I was given.
    • I have been very well looked after at SevenHills hospital during a surgery in March 2015. Thank you for the warm welcome and good quality treatment.
    • GRE Yasmin and PCA Priyanka was very helpful. Over all we are very happy with the recovery. The Dr. Kishor Choudhari went out of his way to assure us that we were in safe hands. We also happy at how consistent the entire management was. Inshort, we would like to thank the whole of sevenhills hospital for their service. We will recommend this place.
    • *Dear Dr Harleen and Your Team:*
      With gratitude we would like to inform of safe return of Erick this Afternoon.

      As family and friends in Tanzania, we extend highest appreciation to You All for attending Erick in such a friendly, professional and memorable manner, and we shall treasure that for long.

      Again, we thank each of you and *the entire staff of Sevenhills Hospital *in a very special way, and *God bless You*.

      Ainea Kimaro.
    • I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Indoo Ambulkar for her efforts and professional assistance to me, and full support from Dec 20th 2013 to date.

      When I came here I was in real bad shape, my condition was worse I could hardly breath. Then I met Dr. Indoo who advised of the test to be done and after result she told me the real situation and explained the treatment plan for me. The best and most important thing I remember on that day is that she gave me hope.
    • I tried SevenHills Hospital & it was an excellent experience. The staff in hospital are very very great & they treated me like a member of their family. Nurses & Doctors are very professional. They know to take care of patients. I am happy with the services. I will miss you.

      Kind Regards to everyone.

      Date of DC: 16th Oct.
    • My experience with SevenHills Hospital is fabulous since the day I reported here on 19th April 2014, upto the day of my discharge. SevenHills Hospital is a home rather than the hospital. The warm environment, friendly staff from security guard at the gates to the room cleaning staff.

      I appreciate the services being rendered by the doctors of the all disciplines in this hospital high caliber profession as well as punctuality of services and procedures. I also like the way the nurses are conducting their works and shifts. They are smart and attentive to details. Room cleaning staff, dieticians and customer care team are doing the great jobs.

      When back in tanjania I will be a whole hearted ambassador of the sevenHills Hospital and will recommend to all people suffering from all elements.
    • I have never been to india before, but sevenHills Hospital was recommended to me. That recommendation was borne out by the wonderful treatment I required throughout my stay from the doctors to the ward nursing staff. All thoroughly professional and friendly. In the short time I was here I have made many friends and confidently recommend sevenHills Hospital.
    • My name is Johnson Aron Mwakibinga, first of all i thank to Dr. Avinash Date and his team for his job done to us. He is a good man, helpful, caring etc; and nursing dept., housekeeping girl Anita, Pandu Mama and all staff of SevenHills Hospital for taking care.

      We appreciate all thank you. May God bless you all.
    • My name is Zohra Mohammad, i was admitted in the SevenHills Hospital last year with a Headache. The doctor who treated me was extremely patience and kind to me. I truly appreciate the service I got from the hospital in particular to doctors who assured me of good treatment that I eventfully got.

      I am going home today very happy and good health I can’t thank enough to doctors and hospital, I truely.
    • My name is Caroline Hwingwiri l'm Zimbabwean. I visited SevenHills Hospital last year with my daughter Voice Hwingwiri who had a heart condition. We were given the best care and my baby is now fine and well. Thanks for your love and care. I wish to come back and just say thank you.

      You are the best that has ever happened to my family.
    • A well organized hospital with very good doctors who know their various specialties very well. The treatment is excellent, the attention very satisfactory and cost effective.

      I would recommend International and National patients to this hospital.
    • I am very satisfied with services of SevenHills Hospital. I can stand still and pop out that "SevenHills Hospital is the best among the world".

      And I can recommend a lots of people to sort out the medical issue at SevenHills Hospital instead of good service also they have humanitarian heart, good customer care, good environment etc.
    • Dear Dr. Satyaprasad,

      Thank you very much sir,you cant imagine how happy i am,i will definetly spread the the good news about your hospital and recommend to freinds and family,i never taught it wil be possible,but with God and your hospital,it is,your services are very cheap and affordable to the poor masses of this my greetings to your wife and other staffs of sevenhills,you are all wonderful,God bless you all.wil let you know when she arrive,and also send you our family picture.

      The hospital is well organized with good doctors, efficient nurses the enough for one linking, I am sure I will recommend patient to hospital I think so far so good they are descent.
    • My name is Athumani Mohamedi. I just want to say thanks to all doctors, nurses, also who was care about me.

      I wish you all the best, and all those services we really enjoyed.