As per GOI's circular on price-capping of stents by NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority), new price of coronary stents have been implemented effective 14th Feb, 2017. For details on stent pricing, across our hospitals. CLICK HERE
    • When I ask myself where I am? I really surprised. I am in a hospital but what a nice place. I get everything I need. The doctors are very hard working, they love their work. They care a lot for their patient. They work hard to save lives. The nurses also are like that. The PCA and housekeepers they all work hard. I stayed for about 20 days in the hospital but, see it as if I stayed just a day. Sometime when God permit I will come and see you. I tell you to keep your good work up. Have a good time.
    • My name is Neina Seman. I came from Ethiopia. I was a heart patient and had this for many years. But now I thank God, You, the Doctors and Surgeons, am very fine. I thank you people very much again. Everybody here took care of me. I love you all. I cannot pay for what you did to me in cash, it worth’s much. God Bless You.
    • My name is Eyerulsalem Manaye. I am 23 years old and I came from Ethiopia. First I want to thank all the member of SevenHills Hospital. In my experience I never see a hospital like this. I want to thank all of them.
    • My name is Anwar Abdella. I came from Ethiopia. First of all I want to thank Allah for this opportunity and after that all Mumbai specially SevenHills Hospital for all they did for me. All of them were like family to me. Even if I don’t have any expensive gifts to express my happiness I want to express it in words, even if there is no such a word to express it. Thank you.

      Specially some peoples dear to my heart like Jyothy, Rajany, Merily, Tina, Roshni, Sunita, Rajashree, Suenedh, Muhan, Raheel (Emran) and etc. They were very nice every body in this hospital are very kind people.

      So Thank You So Much and I Love You.
    • My name is Berhanu Tadaesse. I came here to SevenHills Hospital as a group leader and medical escort with Sister Tina for these 11 Cardiac Patients. We have been evaluating in Ethiopia for their round with Dr. Rick Hodes.

      I saw many hospitals in different places. Yours is one of the Best hospitals in my list. I like everything here; they all are hard working people I saw so far.

      I like your Surgeons very much. I knew some of them from my previous visits. I am glad that I saw them here again. They are skilful and professional. They told me I can bring any case we have in Ethiopia, any complicated cases.

      As a new hospital doing such organised work and cases deserves more than admiration. I want to tell my country how nice this hospital is how good the surgeons are and all. I personally thank you so much and say God bless you for all and everything you did for us.

      Dr. Raman Krishna Kumar we Love you.
    • I am so happy and fortunate to see this hospital. I observed the true patient care in this hospital. The doctors are kind, skilled, friendly and caring. The ward nurses and other staffs are also very kind which makes the patients to feel like as their homes. The kitchen staffs were also admirable friendly to everyone and trying to meet the patient’s food test. In general I appreciate the miracle hands of the doctors, the day and intensive care that are given after surgery, in the ward and CBTS.

      Physiotherapists good work too. The administrative workers were also visiting each time and making us comfortable and solving our problems.

      Let God Bless You.